Man City Superstar Erling Haaland Interview With Top UK Replica Breitling Watches

Blick: Erling Haaland, what do you associate with Switzerland?

Erling Haaland: From what I’ve experienced, the Swiss take everything very seriously and are always very punctual. Switzerland also reminds me of our training camp in Bad Ragaz. I also witnessed the Champions League draw here. And of course I’ve had a few Swiss team-mates who I like very much.

Roman Bürki, Marwin Hitz and Manuel Akanji, for example – how did you get along with our Swiss guys in Dortmund?

Great. They’re all top players and great buddies outside of football too. I wish them all only the best.

You’re playing with Manuel Akanji again now – how would you describe him?

He is a great footballer and also a pleasant and very good person outside of football. I like him very much. And: We at ManCity are happy to have him.

You mention Man City: A new team or a new league means that you have to learn new things or adapt. What are you currently working on?

When you go to a foreign country, there are new realities. I’m pragmatic: I’m a person who adapts very quickly. I have always responded positively to changes – and in recent years I have had some innovations that I had to learn to deal with.

You always emphasized that you work to get better every day. Frugality seems completely foreign to you.

Yes, I would say so.

Where do you still see the most potential in yourself – in the long term?

I am very ambitious. For me, every day that goes by is an opportunity to achieve my long-term goal, which is to become a better player than I am today. That’s why I train hard for it and it motivates me a lot when I know that I’m getting closer and closer to my dream.

Is it your dream to be nominally the best footballer in the world? This can’t be much longer.

That’s what you say. We will see.

You were an exceptional talent even as a teenager. Did you ever have another plan? What would have become of you if not a footballer?

I always wanted to be a footballer, ever since I was little. That’s what I’m good at.

Where do you see yourself in football in ten years? What is your vision?

I see myself winning as often as possible.

Let’s talk about Switzerland again. You now have an official connection to our country. They are brand ambassadors for high quality Breitling replica watches, a traditional Swiss watch brand. I assume many brands have courted you. Why did you choose best replica Breitling watches?

Breitling is a really cool brand with beautiful Breitling fake watches for sale. I also like the «squad idea». I will meet exciting personalities who will work with me in a team. That’s where football comes full circle: For me, teamwork is the key.

They will be on the perfect UK Breitling super clone watches team with double Olympic snowboarding champion Chloé Kim, NBA basketball player Giannis Antetokounmpo and NFL quarterback Trevor Lawrence. Have you met the squad yet?

No, not yet. But I’m really looking forward to it.

You can often be seen posing in expensive clothes on social media, sometimes on a private jet. What does luxury mean to you?

For me, luxury means being able to wear or own beautiful things. It doesn’t have to be a one-off or anything, but of course the quality has to be right.

What is the most valuable gift you have ever given?

It probably wasn’t anything physical. In my opinion, the best gifts one can give are loyalty, fairness and respect.

Let’s talk about your new home. How did you settle into Manchester?

I have settled in very well. Manchester is a great city and the City training center is fantastic. And the stadium, the fans, the warmth of the people, I immediately felt at home.

They praise Manchester beyond measure, that will definitely go down like oil with the ManCity fans. In general, the city is not considered to be beautiful. How do you live in your new place of residence?

The life of an athlete is very similar in every city you live in as football is the main focus. My work determines my daily routine. I don’t have much time for free time.

You left home when you were very young. Do you know that feeling of homesickness? Or have you already overcome it?

My family was always by my side, so I never really felt homesick. I also return to Norway quite often to play with the national team. And of course I also spend a lot of my vacation time at home.

How do you keep in touch with loved ones when you’re on the island? Endless video calls?

Oh yes, the technology helps. Luckily, I often have visitors. My family and close friends come over and watch my games.

You have already mentioned that punctuality is important to the Swiss. You are now wearing Swiss AAA replica Breitling watches on your wrist. It’s an obligation. Hand on heart for our final question: How punctual are you?

I’m also a punctual person. Punctuality is a form of respect for others.